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A Community Portrait / Short Film


Landers is a short film with and by B A G and Stadtwerk MRZN community - the result of a collective filmmaking process that blurs the boundaries between art making and community work, between the stage and public space, between audience and by-passers and between rehearsal, workshop and performance. In August 2022 B A G returned, for a third time, to Stadtwerk MRZN, an outdoor artist-run community center and a meeting space for mainly children and women with refugee background, located in Marzahn. This time our intention was to make a short film that portrays the site and its community in a playful and fantastic way, that will be a souvenir for a place that soon will no longer exist (the space was closed in summer 2022). For a whole two weeks, through different filters, we practiced a shift in our perception in order to sense our everyday surroundings anew. Slowly Stadtwerk Marzahn transformed into a chaotic and magical film set. In daily workshops, we practiced moon walking, played the harmonica with no hands, built musical instruments, masks and costumes with whoever was available and wanted to join. One day we found ourselves in the nearby S-bahn station making loud noises while a huge dragon followed us. The other day we ate green jelly on pink tables very slowly when suddenly a spaceship landed, so we had to dance the twinkle star. All of that and more in LANDERS.

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