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Sublime Slime



slow, slimy, molluscean

it is mating season

i'll follow your slick trail

undulate up your goo    

you won’t even notice         

a love dart has been shot your way

unapologetic mucosity

let us plunge into the depths of the

flesh gelatinous

Choreography & Performance: Roni Katz & Anna Natt
Outside eye: Maya Weinberg
Masks: Moran Sanderovich

Premiere: Tanz Im August 2023

Performances: Tanznacht Berlin, Schauspiel Lindenfels, 2023

Two lascivious beings slither through the slippery slop of snailish sensualities and hook up with the world around them. Staying with the slime, luxuriating in simultaneus touch, they bump up against impossible eco-erections and spill into promiscuous neo-molluscean relations. Using the viscid lovemaking of the snail as a blennofeminist model for queer romance, this performance studies the oozing eroticism of the Cornu Aspersum and addresses its gooey fleshiness through the human body. What pleasures arise when we embody slippery kinetics, oddkin coitions, turgid wetness?

A production by Roni Katz & Anna Natt,

commissioned by Tanz im August / HAU Hebbel am Ufer,

supported by Libken e.V, Lake Studios and Tanznacht Berlin.

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