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A Matter Of One's Own

Co-choreography & Dance: Lisa Densem, Manon ParentRoni Katz

Concept & Direction: Roni Katz

Dramaturgy & Movement Development: Maya Weinberg

Stage, Set & Costumes: Xenia Taniko

Sound: Manon Parent

Light design: Annegret Schalke

Production: Annett Hardegen

Premiere 2018 / Uferstudios Berlin 

Three dancers remake dance pieces that have shaped their own dance biographies into a collective embodied memoir. They speak up, not as muses or tools for the choreographer but as a force. They speak up about pain and pleasure, reflecting upon the politics of the dance world, dance education and dance making. Through personalizing these choreographies each of the dancers is rewriting and retelling herstory. In the process of coming together, the coexisting stories unfold parallels and contradictions while ultimately underlying an alliance. The work is a feminist contribution to the search for new forms of collaboration which question authorship and hierarchy and functions as a call to change power structures in dance. 


Full video documentation upon request

A production by Roni Katz, supported by the Capital Cultural Fonds (Hauptstadtkulturfonds),

Research phase supported by Tanzfabrik Berlin

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