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Performative Installation


Premiere 2014 / Inzucht Festival

3AM Reckless Abandonment / Flutgraben Berlin / Het Veem Theatre, Amsterdam / Ponderosa

Stilling is an on-going project that deals with questions of citizenship, responsibility, nationalism and privilege. The research focuses on the historical and current political status of Israel, confronting the political and personal radiation that emanates from the occupation of Palestine. The public manifestation of the project is a performative installation of 45 minutes for 15 visitors that consists of a hand-drawn map/tablecloth, set with paper plates, forks and a bowl of salad. The map depicts the territory of Israel/Palestine, telling the stories of ethnically cleansed areas, colonised terrains, and my own narrative traversing this landscape. The original texts on the plates are sourced to choreograph a conversation around a dinner table. In using language (both written and spoken) in a familiar situation the piece calls upon dis/comfort oppositions to knead ideas of tracing and remains, voiceness and voicelessness, and colonisation from land to food.

“If difference needs representation, distance proposes movement. It invites to cover the distance, to move towards or from each other. Movement is the fundament of life, and of choreography. To me Stilling invites us to move towards each other and towards a place by simple activities: eating, reading, thinking ... together. And this is why it is such an excellent choreographic work”  Thomas Plischke


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