Slides: A Letter to Dance


Dance & Choreography: Roni Katz

Costume: Xenia Taniko

Premiere 2017Ada Studio, Berlin  

Habait Theater / Tmuna Theatre, Israel/Palestine

A choreographer is sliding through an embodied memoir to acknowledge inspiration and heritage, and the impossibility, for now, to undo education and training. She is creating personified variations of canonic artworks that influenced her “career”: Trio A by Yvonne Rainer, Mamootot by Ohad Nahrin, Instead of allowing something to rise up to your face dancing Bruce and Dan and other things by Tino Sehgal and Two Playful Pink by Yasmeen Godder.  She is accepting the desire to stay connected to herstory and to prescribed knowledge, to indulge in the symbiosis between the past and the present. She employs past methodologies, styles, and gestures, she traces potent relations and corporeal pathways. She is looking for the reasons why she began, and why she continues, to dance.