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Slides: A Letter to Dance

film, 25:52 min

A choreographer invites the audience to indulge in the symbiosis of dance in her past and the political realities of her present. This deeply personal deconstruction of the choreographies, hierarchies, and labor conditions that have influenced her career reveals the complexities of a dancer’s relationship to dance. While acknowledging inspiration and heritage, and the temporal impossibility to undo education and training, her feelings are exposed. How to embody something you struggle believing in? How can she be devoted to a form that wobbles around politics? How to be unburdened from the oppression of canon and the weight of the gaze? Despite frustration, the way she moves unveils affection for this long-term relationship. The inextricability of dance in her body is as clear as her power to break it down and redirect it. She is looking for the reasons why she began, and why she continues, dancing.


This film is another iteration of the solo Slides (2017 - ada Studio, 20218 - Habait theater / Tmuna Theater, Israel/Palesting), reworked during a month of residency at Vierte Welt (2020).


Dance and Choreography: Roni Katz

Director of photography: Noam Gorbat

Edit: Noam Gorbat, Roni Katz

Lights: Catalina Fernandez

Costume: Daphna Munz

Voices: Rasha Nahas, Ariel Nil Levy, Alex Viteri, Dora Zygouri

Artistic advice: Litó Walkey Sound mixing: Manuela Schininà

Many thanks to Louise Trueheart, Laura Kirshenbaum, Zeina Hanna and Tamar Grosz


A production by Roni Katz supported by Vierte Welt, ada Studio Berlin, Deufert & Plischke


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