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Performative Installation

One E on Edge


Choreography and Performacne: Anna Jarrige, Naama Ityel, Roni Katz

Coach: Peter Pleyer

Premiere 2013 / Tanztage Berlin / Sophiensaele

2013 / Acker Stadt Palast theatre / Inzucht Festival, HZT / Uferstudios Berlin

2015 / 638 Kilo Tanz / Essen 

The starting point for making this piece is the act of holding a speech. In a speech one person stands in front of a crowd. They are attempting to catch the attention of the people and to convince them, trying to make them trust and follow them. What if the body would give a speech in the language of movement? The piece plays on two fields, of words and of movement, and investigates on what is in between them. 

The piece asks how can few words, spoken out loud, influence a whole dance? How does the use of words create a filter through which the spectator observes the movement? Which web of images does the spectator create around it?              

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