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„A Matter of One’s Own“ ist insofern auch ein konsequenter Kommentar auf noch immer vorherrschende Machtstrukturen und Hierarchisierungen im zeitgenössischen Tanz."

// Zu eigen gemacht / Alexandra Henning / Tanzschreiber

"Alice Chauchat posits, in her text “Generative Fictions” from the volume Post-Dance, that dancing is the relationship at work between the dancer and the dance, while in Roni Katz’s piece, what is at work between the dancer and the dance is more concrete: the pain and pleasure of the trade, the conditions in which it happens, and the emotional baggage to be managed through the negotiation." 

// 240 / Louise Trueheart / Viereinhalb Sätze

"In a conversation with the dance journalist Alex Hennig, the three tackle the big questions: the value of history and memory, de-canonizing the "canon”, working together in non-hierarchic ways. Their explorations tend to end up on touching on feminism or the seminal question, "What makes us move?”.

// That which resonate - matters! / Alexandra Henning / Tanzraumberlin


Image: Bea Rodrigues, Xenia Taniko

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