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fxtrouble is only that small friendship group. Like an individual does, the collective seeks to communicate with others, go into exchange, facilitate space and discussion for and with others, be part of a network of learning and questioning, creating and sharing artistic work. Questions about co-authorship, the role of the audience, experiential knowledge production are crucial to our collective way of working. Modes of exposure, communication, presence. We create moments for visibility and establish temporary communities in which the rules are negotiated.

Cracking Circles
Cracking Circles
ausland Berlin, 2015
ausland Berlin, 2015
Let's do it another way around
Let's do it another way around
Let's do it the other way around
Let's do it the other way around
Symposium - Was ist Kritik

Past Peformances:

Cracking Circles, Works at Work Festival - Group Works, Copenhagen

Lecture Performance in the frame of Who's the party at, Sister? Acts of Visibility, Tanzkongress Hanover

Cross Pollination, ausland 

∞, Dock11 

Let’s do it another way around, Plateau Gallery

Let’s do it the other way around, SoMa Gallery




Think of words like any physical movement, or body. They have a shape, rhythm, surface, sound, sensation. Start Writing with the Focus on these Qualities and do not care baout the meaning. Use your Proprioception to approach your thoughts. Like in imprivising with movement (the body) wait for the words to come to you. One word triggers another word. Leave time for words to come in one after the other. Do not speed up.



surrender to what´s happening in the space

join somebody else - create harmony

get very loud

let go of creating meaning

be specific



communicate with an extra terrastrial force

listen to the thoughts of other people in the room

take breaks, take a look at what is hapenning

write in a clear genre

use the whole space

communicate non-verbally

dance your emotions

read like you are thinking aloud

mess with your habits

read in relaxation

read to someone



follow the leader

make every small event a huge one



never stop

think of somebody else

think of many others

think of the moving body

think about yourself

use a term you learned recently

try to avoid repition

make up a story

create drama

play with times

do more

react on reality



don’t be present

stay with one thing till the end

be boring

move the whole body at once

keep the attention on the one point in the space through the whole dance

write as if it is your last text/last breath

write from the perspective of a frog

repeat the text you have just heard

shout it!

whisper it!

read it to the chosen object in the space and only to this object

read the text in gibberish

do one thing

accept what comes easily

do whenever you need to do

dance using only your habits

do only the most obvious things



Improve your Moving

Run in Circles in your mind

perform mashed potatoes at its best

imitate a cheese if you please

do it again

come back to common goods

think of yesterday

the state of your thought is liquid


enforce existing laws

repeat what you know and do not own

work wiith unfulfilled desires

see what you don’t know


More thoughts & scores


We are attending each other (and others, maybe), entertaining each other, moving in “purposeless motion”, playing with mediums hierarchies, composing instantly, blurring authorship, claiming space with the unfinished, intervening the space with intimacy, opening up to vulnerability, sourcing each other, serving each other, manipulating, implying, enticing, celebrating randomness, connecting and disconnecting.


I think a lot about how the audience can be more involved, how we can let them choose their positions and change their roles (as we do). Something about the dock11 performance kept them very passive and still and us very much in the center. Maybe we want to shift that? Also physically, maybe we shouldn’t be in the center.

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