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fxtrouble initiated the public platform VULVA CLUB with the objective of bolstering and activating a community. VULVA CLUB is a regular event series, an attempt towards peripheral visibility, amplifying underrepresented feminist/queer perspectives. With VULVA CLUB fxtrouble invite guests and fellows to choreograph challenging and experimental encounters of art/works, people, communities and conversations - all through mutual affection in real time. 

D.A - ballerina/felon/muse
female trouble
VULVA CLUB #12 - Tropes
Xenia T. Dwertmann, The Object Aloof
Pilladelphia Creemz
Mars Dietz
What's That Noise?
Louise Trueheart / Melanie Jame Wolf

Past events:


VULVA CLUB #21 with Dusty Whistles, Emma Haugh and Shannon, Vierte Welt 12/18 

VULVA CLUB #20 With Olympia Bukkakis, Zinzi Minott and Ania Nowak, ausland 09/18

VULVA CLUB #19 - WORK, Agora 05/18

VULVA CLUB #18 - Constellation with Laura Burns, Adelaide Ivánova, Sophia New and Ruby Belasco New, KuLe 04/18

VULVA CLUB #17 - Octopuss_y with Maque Pereyra, Pauline Payen and Vala Tomasz Foltyn, Vierte Welt 03/18

VULVA CLUB #16 - Linguistics of Adrenaline with Siegmar Zacharias and Virginia Baratt, Vierte Welt 09/17

VULVA CLUB #15 - Crystal Anniversary with Julia Rodriguez, Alice Heyward and Valentine Tanz, Tanztage Berlin 01/17​​

VULVA CLUB #14 - Blind Date with with Ruth Novaczk and Laure Cottin Stefanelli, Vierte Welt 09/16 

VULVA CLUB #13 in collaboration with ausland Berlin - Performance as sound, Sound as Performance with Gaby Bila-Günther, Kate Donovan, Hana Lee Erdman, Jule Flierl, Lee Meir, Neda Sanai, Claire Vivianne Sobottke, 05/16


VULVA CLUB #12 - Delving into Tropes with Pilladelphia Creemz / Melanie Jame Wolf and Louise Trueheart, Kule 01/16 


VULVA CLUB #11 - Remembering forgotton musical legneds with Sandhya Daemgen and D.A., Kule 11/15


VULVA CLUB #10 - About Matter, talks and lecture performances with Mars Dietz, Agata Siniarska and Xenia Taniko Dwertmann, Vierte Welt 10/15


VULVA CLUB #9 - Screening of United in Anger - A History of Act Up! documentary co-produced by John Hubbard and Sarah Schulman, Kule 05/15


VULVA CLUB #8 - Work, a sharing and feedback platform for Berlin based artist, Kule 05/15 


VULVA CLUB #7 - Short Films by (un)Famous Female Filmmakers,Schönhauser Allee 44 03/15


VULVA CLUB #6 - Conflict is not abuse, a lecture by Sarah Schulman, Kleiner Salon 03/15       


VULVA CLUB #5 - Gesture of Insecurity, Lecture / Screening by Maria Mushtrieva, Boys Club 02/15


VULVA CLUB #4 - Listening to Gertrude Stein, Boys Club 01/15


VULVA CLUB #3 - Screening: Short films by Maya Deren, Manteufelstr. 11/14


Drag workshop: Kinging and Queening and the Sensations of Gender held by Zinzi Buchanan and Sheena McGrandles, Uferstudios 07/14  


VULVA CLUB #2 - Screening: Mutantes by Virginie Despentes, Uferstudios, 06/14


VULVA CLUB #1 - Screening: A Film About a Woman Who… by Yvonne Rainer, Greifswalderstr. 1 03/14




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